FAQ Page
Q: What is the cost for the Acquisition programs?
A: The cost is $5 per BPO order, $15-$30 per appraisal order.
Q: What is the cost for the Appraisers Agent program?
A: We submit your appraisal information to 6-8 Vendors for approval every month. The cost is $34.95 per month. You can cancel at any time.
Q: Will I be charged for cancelled appraisals?
A: No, there is no charge for cancelled orders.
Q: Where do I view orders when they are acquired?
A: We will send you an email notification when an order is acquired. You may view the order by logging into the AMC account.
Q: Why does AASolutions need my account information?
A: We can’t monitor your accounts and acquire the broadcasted appraisals if we don’t have your information. All account information, including username and password are safely encrypted.
Q: Do I have to be approved with the AMC’s to register?
A: No, you will need to be approved if you plan to use the Acquisition services. Alternatively, you can join the Appraisers Agent service and our agents will work to sign you up.
Q: How do I decline an appraisal that was acquired?
A: We can’t choose which appraisals are acquired. You can decline the appraisal after it’s already acquired, this may however impact your rating with that AMC. You can start and stop our programs at any time.
Q: I have not received any orders in a long time, what could be wrong?
A: Several things could be happening. Often times the AMC requires updated information. We suggest that you contact the AMC and ask what you can do to start getting orders sent to you.
Q: How do I change my AMC account username and/or password?
A: After logging in, click on the “AMC Console” tab, then locate the AMC in the program options and enter/edit your username and/or password.
Q: My question was not on this list. How do I get my question answered?
A: You can contact our support at 425-290-1648.